FQCW 266-10

FQCW-266系列激光系统是具有二阶频率转换的二极管泵浦固态激光器,发射第四谐波266nm波长的激光。 在二次谐波发生器(SHG)中,DPSS激光源1064nm处的基波辐射转换为532nm,这是具有专利设计的谐振外腔。 然后,谐波束在第四谐波发生器(FHG)中转换为266nm。 激光系统配备有自动晶体移位器(ACS),可以增加FHG单元内非线性晶体的寿命。由于是单纵模,激光器提供极小的带宽和极大的相干长度。 激光束具有近似高斯形状(TEM00)的衍射极限参数。




1. After 30 minutes warm-up in the temperature range 20 – 35 °C, temperature change < 1 °C/hour.
2. The exit window is equipped with the Manual Window Shifter (MWS) in case of external photo contamination. This laser system is not equipped with the Automatic Crystal Shifter (ACS) due to the lower power densities on all internal optical elements.
3. Position and angle of static alignment tolerances are specified with regard to laser beam exit.